Friday, 11 May 2012

I Am Back - almost!!

Hi guys,

I am sorry for seeming to have disappeared off the earth!  I had a load of work to get in and finish for my fin al year dissertation so my time has been rather taken over woth citing quotations, referencing and completing a research project of my own!  I am determined to get it read by people who have an influence in educational circles so watch this space...

Apart from that I have done a few exciting thinkgs that I will write about on return...  These include:
- 2 nights in the kitchen at ferdiesfoodlab and one as a returning guest.  I think I am going to spend one of those posts elaborating a little on why I tend to go there oftten (and YES - it is defeinitely about quality of food, company and atmosphere!)
- a Lebanese inspired mezze 'feed up' that i was responsible for in April.
- a visit to Jerusalem bar and kitchen in Soho.  Wicked cocktails!!
- a post on a recent experiment = vine tomato, chive and black pepper scones.

Watch this space because I am back (almost) with a vengeance and a desire to report on the good, not so good and unusual culinary experiences!  I will also be hoping to somehow pick up a new camera  and hope to shower you with a plethora of beautiful (maybe) food!

I can't wait!  I could write more but I am about to be chucked out of the university library - eeek!

Take care peeps and watch this space!


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