Friday, 24 February 2012

The perfect oatmeal cookie?

Just checking in.  I have been focusing on finishing a research project and have got my first 2000 words out of the way - a quarter of the way there.   I worked hard o it last week and I found a great cookie recipe online after an evening spent helping in the kitchen at ferdiesfoodlab (my reward for getting stuff done!).  I will definitely be posting about my kitchen experience(s) so watch this space!  It was my first foray into a professional kitchen and I.... (you'll have to check in later to read the post!).  

I can tell you that I had the task of making the cookies (one of several tasks) and this got me thinking about what type of cookie would be best.  The ones I made were great (well - I thought so) but Why have bread when you can have a schadenfreude ?  I made the dough this evening and it will chill overnight and so I am looking forward to seeing what the results produce...  More on this tomorrow.  Exhausted!


  1. You sure schadenfreude is the word you're looking for? What will you be making, misfortune cookies?


  2. LOL - I needed to use the word to be able to authenticate my blog for another site...

    No - I would not have chosen 'schandenfreude'. :-)