Sunday, 5 February 2012

Eggs Florentine... and an 'all day' cafe in Chelsea

Today was one of those days where I had to decide whether to stay in and be 'productive' or pop out, into the snowy, slushy outside for a catch up and a quick bite with a friend?  I chose both.  I went out until late afternoon and came back and knocked out a few desserts this evening.  Productive indeed.  :-)

I met up with one of my girlfriends about 1 and, as we hadn't eaten yet, we decided to pop into The Chelsea Bun for a late breakfast/brunch.  We had eaten there before and I had found the portions generous but there were little things I remember, like the salmon being too salty for my scrambled eggs but that was a little while ago.  I had the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and added a side of bacon and avocado.  One of my slices of toast was burnt but they happily exchanged it for nothing.  My salmon was again a little salty, as was the bacon and it was a shame as the salt took away from the other flavours on the plate.  Eggs were a little overdone, but ok.  My friend had the Eggs Florentine (2 poached eggs on an english muffin with spinach and basil, smothered - literally!! - in hollandaise sauce.  It was served with grilled tomato and mushrooms).  It looked better than mine so that's today's picture..

There was a lot of hollandaise sauce and perhaps a little too much mayo and mustard for both of our tastes.  It looked great though!  The Chelsea Bun is a real little gem a short walk from the New Kings Road.   It is always busy and has a buzzy atmosphere.  You can be guaranteed a good portion and to go away happy!  I would defy anyone though to order and finish, on their own, 'The Ultimate Breakfast'.  It consists of 3 large eggs, hash browns, 3 scotch pancakes, Canadian maple syrup, clotted cream, bacon, country style sausage, mushrooms, 2oz 100% beefburger, french toast and a large mug of tea/coffee!  I struggled with my scrambled eggs and extras so the challenge expert won't be me!  Would I go back again though - yeah, why not?

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