Saturday, 4 February 2012

Starting out...

This is more of a journalistic foray into food and flavours wherever I may find it!  I have realised that I love taking photos of food - especially if there is a combination of flavours that really tickles my palate or if it looks amazing!  I have really created this blog to try and pay homage to the flavours and foods that I have (and will) discover on my adventures and as I "do life" and hopefully point you to some experiences, flavours, tastes and food well worth sampling.  Let's begin...

I made myself a 'supper of sorts' the other night and really enjoyed the combination of spiced mini roast potatoes, avocado and sweet apple.  I did take a photo of  the plate I created but I feel that the only image you need is this... the final mouthful... a classic combination of flavours that I highly recommended!

And also just because I can - a little bargain I found when I popped into the farmers market.....  totally lush pork and apple sausage roll.  Yummy flaky pastry and quality meat from the Little Jack Horner's stall.  I also picked up a squirrel pie which I am looking forward to trying in a couple of weeks time...

For now - I better get focused if you are going to get to see anything else on here.  This is probably a bit of an odd post but the idea is to have other peoples food on here but I do love making food (especially dessert) myself so you will see the odd creation(s) popping up so do forgive me this minor indulgence when it happens.

I am really pleased that it is snowing today and I love the snow.  Here is the view from my bedroom window:

I can't wait to get photos in the morning!  

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