Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Something I threw together earlier...

This is a quick little indulgent post.  I really enjoyed baking on Sunday and this is what I made.  I made marshmallows from the David Lebovitz site here.  They are a lot easier to make than I imagined.  There is also the added bonus of knowing what's really in them !!  Here is the finished product:  I was clearly going for the 'rustic' look.

I also made some vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook...

And the 'piece de resistance' - my creme brulee.  I followed the recipe online here but chose to go with the hot caramel poured onto the chilled custard for my topping.

Glossy, hard caramel.  It should have good 'crackability' - the sign of a good brulee!

The first 'crack'.  Phwoar!

The first mouthful...

Lovely firm custard (could have had 2-3 minutes less in the oven in fairness) and crunchy sugar topping.  Mmmm.

Well - that's it really.  Next time - someone else's food combinations and / or my experiences of flavour.  Watch this space.

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